Picture Framing

General notes on framing

It may sound obvious, but the right choice of frame can make an enormous difference to any picture and tastes in frames are as diverse as in the artwork itself. Framing is also subject to a degree of fashion. What might have looked the epitome of style in the 1960s can now make a picture look very dated (or very retro, depending on your taste)

A beautiful painting needs a frame that enhances, but does not distract.

A mundane print can be turned into something of real beauty with a subtle frame that is co-ordinated to match other pictures or soft furnishings. Baroque gilt frames are not confined to Old Masters and  can make a small vibrant abstract look amazing. Tired old pictures take on a whole new lease of life when reframed.

If you see a picture in the Gallery that falls into the “I like the picture but not the frame”category, it can be sorted for less cost than you might imagine.

“Off the peg” frames may appear cheap, but are false economy for anything of value.

The Gallery has a collection of empty frames available for “upcycling”, but unless you are skilled at DIY, a new frame is usually the better option.

As a general rule, oils and acrylics need just a frame, whereas watercolours, pastels and prints need a mount and glazing to seal them from moisture. Price is dependant on size and the amount of work involved. A small oil-painting can be framed simply and cheaply, whereas a large watercolour with a complex mount, non-reflective glass and an elaborate frame will be much more expensive.

Examples of all types can be found in the Gallery.

The Framing Service provided by the Alma Gallery

  • Come in and have an informal chat, with or without your artwork (although dimensions are helpful). Framing is not confined to pictures
  • Have a look at the various styles of frames and mounts and get a free no-obligation estimate
  • If you decide to go ahead, bring your picture in. It will usually be ready for collection the following week.
  • The framing is done by the professionals at Saffron in St Agnes (link here) and you will pay the same as if you went to them direct.
  • Restoration is also available
  • All work is personally couriered there and back.



Alma Gallery Redruth

The Alma Gallery opened in April 2017

It is situated at the front of a listed building in Alma Place, Redruth. A space full of natural light in this historic town. It was originally the front of a grain store, but it makes a beautiful Gallery.

The aim is to bring together those who want buy pictures, with those who want to sell them, at affordable prices. Whether your taste is for seascapes or still-life, subtle watercolours or bold abstracts, there a good chance you will find it here.